The Bio

A native of western New York, roots in Pittsburgh, living in the suburbs of Washington DC. and able to drive straight through to Asbury Park, New Jersey nearly blindfolded.

I was raised on sawdust, fresh pasta and homemade sauce. Paper, ink and turpentine. Vermiculite, Sakrete and a steady hand. Creativity was always encouraged, hell, it was all around you, you couldn’t miss it.

I drew constantly. I was convinced I could be the next Herblock. Thomas Nast had nothing on me as I packed up my pen and india ink and headed off to art school and a career as a political cartoonist. Oh, the dreams of the young.

I discovered there was a lot more to the world of “Commercial Art” than lamp black watercolor, sable brushes and amberlith. The roll of Kodachrome became a 16gig flash card. Dodging and burning in the darkroom became Photoshop and Lightroom (I do miss the smell of fixer). Paste up and mechanical boards turned into “collect for output.”

At the end of the day, what hasn’t changed is a good aesthetic. Good composition is still good composition. excellent design is still something that touches you, and makes you think.