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Photography, design, some flotsam, jetsam, here and there.  You’ll find some interesting things, so wander around the site while it all gets sorted out.

pardon the dust

It’s a work in progress, so if you’ve wandered across this website for some mysterious reason, I promise I’ll sweep up and the place will look all shiny and new before you know it.


Finder of lost images, creator of some new ones.  An eclectic mix of rock and roll and JP-4.  I’ve been there, done that and came back with a couple of t-shirts to show for it.


Going Home

The past few weeks have been particularly difficult. I suddenly found myself in an empty house, the house I grew up in. It’s a place I know intimately, every nook, every corner. Not entirely certain of what to do next, I cooked. I made myself some dinner and filled the kitchen with smells that make …

Asbury Park

This town clinks like empty beer bottles at 2AM Bleeds like steam from old pipes Crackles like the final 5 seconds of an old LP — graffiti left inside the old casino building Asbury Park, New Jersey It’s good to see the town crawling back into the light, a busy boardwalk full of shoppers, bistros …


Thirty years of experience boiled down to a half dozen examples. I’ll add more from time to time and promise to keep in interesting.

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